Myrtuna Clan


Physical Description

Myrtunans are marked with a signature all-black or calico-colored coat and strikingly beautiful and intense purple or yellow eyes. Incredibly sleek and panther-like, their adornments, tools, dwellings, and accessories feature spiritual elements that represent the cycle of life and death.



Born with a penchant for prophecy and naturally skilled at chemistry and potion-making, Myrtunans are wildly gifted fortune-tellers and incredibly in tune with spirits and the spirit realm. 


Because of their values of loyalty, empathy, and mystery, these cunning necromancers often find great success as shamans, healers, knowledge-seekers and clairvoyants. The most gifted members of the Myrtuna clan even have the ability to open their third eye and regularly access insight into future events.


Clan Territory

The necromancing Myrtunans built their intricate villages deep within the catacombs of Ailur. These sprawling, underground fortresses are deliberately designed to confuse and confound intruders - providing the Myrtunans a great advantage when danger arises.


Magic & Combat


Though the peace-loving Nisargans possess an intense aversion to conflict, they will engage in battle when provoked by enemies who wish them grave harm.


The Nisargan Sacred Crystal's eminence-based nature magic calls upon the natural elements of Ailur to aid skilled Nisargans in battle who've learned how to properly wield it.


Gift to the Raksaka

The Raksaka are a revered, elite group of Anagativa born with the gift of Kristala - the ability to communicate with the six Sacred Crystals of Ailur.

Each year, one young Kristalan is chosen from each of the six clans to embark on his or her Raksaka Proving - a perilous journey meant to test the will and strength of each fledgling warrior's gift. Only those who emerge victorious from their Proving and master the six magic specialties of the Sacred Crystals can earn the title of Raksaka.

To honor this age-old challenge, each Anagativa clan chose to bequeath an ancient gift to the Raksaka to aid Kristalan warriors during their Proving.


The Myrtuna Clan's gift to the Raksaka is the ability to summon spirit warriors of the past to aid in battle during the Proving.


Key Characters

As leader of the famed Raksaka warriors, Atreus Stone bears no clan affiliation in present-day Ailur, but prior to his completion of the Proving, this wise and revered Anagativa was just another hopeful Kristalan hailing from the Nisarga Clan.


Dava Nititra

Ellaria Keyva is the first Anagativa to journey clan-to-clan across Ailur and master the six magic specialties of the Sacred Crystals. Because of her incredible feat, the Raksaka were born. Though she's no longer living, Ellaria's name is still known by every member of the Nisarga Clan.

Mary Neko


Special Weapons


Magic Staff

The Nisargan Magic Staff is a crucial weapon as it allows its owner to properly wield Nisargan spells and incantations. 


Rosethorne Sword

This blade gets its name from the alabaster rose at the base of its handle; its special attack momentarily stuns enemies.


Blight Shield

Abandoned during the Great Kotakayan Rebellion, this shield protects from poisonous elements in the Dalamase.


Symbols & Insignia


The Nisarga clan's official crest features a large Jhacanda leaf crossed from behind with the Nisargan Staff and Rosethorne sword.

The leaves featured on the crest and the green and brown tones displayed prominently in Nisargan weapons, spells, and clothing represent this clan's affinity for nature and the natural world.