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A fledgling Anagativa warrior from one of six clans is called by the ancient, sacred Kristals to prove her worth. Beneath the spectral moonlight of Ailur—across desolate swamplands, overgrown forests, twisting caverns, and crumbling ruins long forgotten by time—a wicked sickness stirs.


Are these mutated monstrosities all just part of the test...or could it be there’s something much more sinister at play?

Kristala seamlessly fuses fast, ferocious combat with smart storytelling and rich, robust RPG mechanics. Uncover and upgrade a multitude of weapons, spells, and additional items as you explore a wild, wonder-filled world shrouded in both mystery and magic.

Come, dear traveler...transport yourself from the confines of reality into the unbounding, unearthly expanse of the surreal.



Long ago, an ancient Sacred Kristal hurtled from the cosmos and struck the planet of Ailur, shattering into six shards. Each piece possessed its own unique brand of magic, calling out to the creatures of Ailur and drawing them with their power.

Stirred by their calling, the feline-like Anagativa gravitated in hordes to the Kristal shard that spoke to them the loudest. It was here they made their home.  Thus, the six clans of Ailur were formed – each one discovering how to harness the powerful ancient magic contained within its piece of the shattered Sacred Kristal.


Masters of the natural world

and what exists within it, the Nisargans are a gentle and kind clan. They call upon their crystal’s eminence-based magic for protection in times of great need.


From the hot magma of their volcanic landscape, the Keozans craft awe-inspiring weaponry. Their crystal’s fiery, malediction-based magic grants them the power of flame and fire in battle.


Skilled in divination and all things occult, the Myrtunan crystal’s malediction-based magic allows this clan of necromancers to summon the spirits of warriors past to aid them in battle.


The Sykomanans are masters of the mind. Their crystal’s heady, malediction-based magic allows them to manipulate time and space, using the power of confusion to thwart their foes.


The tundra-dwelling Tandarans are skilled hunters and fishers. They summon their crystal’s eminence-based magic to manipulate weather, freezing any enemy or foe who dares to approach.


The pure-hearted Lyuminans seek the energy of light. They use their crystal’s eminence-based magic to gather the energy of the sun and stars, harnessing its power to stun all who dare to oppose.



Few Anagativa possess the gift of Kristala: the ability to communicate with the magic-infused sacred understand their longing, to know their desires. As one blessed with the gift, you must embark on a perilous quest to join ranks with the famed Raksaka warriors - keepers of the Kristals and masters of all Ailuran magic.

Taking on the Raksaka Proving means you must conquer each of the six ancient magics by traveling clan to clan and defeating the six powerful Shard Guardians that stand watch over the Kristals and are designed to test the skills you've learned along the way.


As you battle to complete your Proving, you must simultaneously uncover who (or what) has cursed the creatures of Ailur and mutated them into monstrous, murderous beasts bent on destruction.

Once you've successfully completed your Raksaka Proving, defeated all enemies, and uncovered who's responsible for the curse, you will have won Kristala.



Each clan of Anagativa believed the magic within its own sacred Kristal to be superior to the others. While they first existed in relative harmony together, the clans slowly became weary of one another, fearful that one clan may someday become more powerful than the rest.

Though discord spread, there was much more for the Ana to fear than their own kind, for the rodent-like Kotakaya that dwelled in the great cities and towns just beyond Anagativa clan territory craved the magic of the Kristals for themselves. Though the Kota urged the Ana to share their magic, the latter refused.

After many years of growing dissent, a devastating war was unleashed on Ailur, strengthening the divide between the two species. The Mad King Edam - crazed leader of the Kota empire - unleashed an army of scientific abominations on the Ana in a dastardly attempt to willfully seize what he believed was rightfully his.

Though heinous and especially brutal, the Mad King's army proved no match for the powerful magic contained in the Kristals. The Anagativa emerged victorious and, in turn, eradicated the Kotakayan monarchy. For a time...the ugliness of war receded and the voice of the Kristals quieted.

Though peace had returned to Ailur, the Ana lived in fear of a day when the safety of the Kristals would be challenged once more. And so, the clans ultimately cast aside their lust for power and joined together in search of a solution.

Eventually, it was decided that the strongest, most magically skilled members of each clan would forego their given clan affiliation and become masters of all six magic specialties. These brave Kristalans become the first of the famed Raksaka warriors - protectors of the sacred Kristals and keepers of all clan knowledge.

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