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What if your favorite vocalists voiced characters in a video game?! We asked ourselves this exact question before making the Kristala x Metal Voices project a reality! Meet the badass vocalists lending their wicked talents to bring the creepy, cursed creatures you'll meet in Dark Fantasy ARPG Kristala to life.

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We've announced a few vocalists so far who will be voicing our roster of all things rotten - and we've got tons more on deck. Learn more about each vocalist, the bands they front, and the cursed characters they'll be voicing in Kristala.

action shot of david simonich lead vocalist for deathcore band signs of the swarm singing into a microphone

David Simonich

Signs of the Swarm

David Simonich of deathcore band Signs of the Swarm is credited as the first vocalist to join the Kristala x Metal Voices project. Catch David as the voice behind Hiratrola, the first major boss you'll meet in Kristala.

action shot of joe badolato frontman for deathcore band fit for an autopsy singing into a microphone

Joe Badolato

Fit for an Autopsy

As a huge gamer himself - and a regular streamer on Twitch - we knew Joe Badolato of Fit for an Autopsy had to be a part of this epic collab. Catch JoeBad voicing the gruesome Shroomhag in game.

action shot of will ramos lead vocalists for deathcore band lorna shore making a metal face and pointing at the camera

Will Ramos

Lorna Shore

Known as the Rat King amongst fans of deathcore band Lorna Shore, Will Ramos lends his impressive vocal talents to voice two rotten rodent characters in Kristala - the Undead Kota and the Rat King. Fitting, right?!

action shot of david benites of extreme vocal institute and metal band renesans making a face with his mouth open

David Benites

Renesans / Extreme Vocal Institute

David Benites of Renesans and Extreme Vocal Institute has an impressive vocal range, which makes him the perfect choice for two of our favorite enemies - the Masarusa and the Dalakin.



Meet the cursed creatures who are part of the Kristala x Metal Voices project - all voiced by your favorite metal vocalists. Learn more about where you'll them, what to expect during combat, and even a bit of lore. Click the headings below each character's name to view the corresponding info.

Hiratrola the Ogre

Hiratrola - or Hira, for short - is a giant ogre that can be found in the abandoned fishing villages of Dalamase. As the only creature of its kind living in the area, it's no wonder Hira's also known as the Abandoned Son.

head on shot of the 3d model for hiratrola the ogre, a boss featured in dark fantasy arpg indie game kristala
The Undead Kotakaya

Covered in grotesque, oozing sores and bits of rusted armor embedded into its decaying flesh, the Undead Kotakaya is truly the stuff of nightmares. This lumbering zombie of a rat is always hungry, so travelers beware...

head on shot of the 3d model for the undead kotakaya zombie rat enemy featured in dark fantasy action rpg indie game kristala
The Rat King

Did you know that rat kings are a real thing? They naturally occur when a group of rats become entangled in some way, usually by their tails. For our Rat King, we took this idea and ran with it...dreaming up this gruesome boss.

front view of the concept art for the rat king, a giant mutant rodent boss featured in dark fantasy arpg indie game kristala
The Shroomhag

There's a fungus among us, y'all! This behemoth of a beast is known as the Shroomhag and features a face full of glowing, orblike eyes and two asymmetrical arms attached to its hunched, mushroom-capped back.

head on shot of the 3d model for the shroomhag, a giant mutated mushroom enemy with glowing eyes featured in dark fantasy action rpg indie game kristala
The Masarusa

If you like mutated mushroom monsters, then you'll absolutely love the Masarusa. This lumbering giant is covered in moss, bark, lichens, and a motley array of mushroom species. Interesting? Yup. Dangerous? BIG YUP.

front view of the 3d model for thee masarusa, a tall and lanky mushroom based enemy featured in dark fantasy action rpg indie game kristala
The Dalakin

Remember that hermit crab you had in 8th grade that mysteriously disappeared? Well, we found him...and boy, did he get biggg. This creepy crustacean - known as the Dalakin - features a large, boulder-like shell.

front view of the 3d model for the dalakin, a giant crustacean, crablike enemy featured in dark fantasy action rpg indie game kristala


We couldn't put together a badass metal collab without bringing you some sick merch, too. Help support development on Kristala by checking out the fresh items in The Cursed Collection - a series inspired by the Kristala x Metal project. It's time to choose...are you Team Cat or Team Rat, fam?

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Are you a talented vocalist who wants to join the Kristala x Metal Voices project? A fan with a question about this epic crossover? A journalist looking to chat more about the collab? Let's chat! Complete the form below and we'll be in touch.

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