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Masters of the natural world

and what exists within it, the Nisargans are a gentle and kind clan. They call upon their crystal’s eminence-based magic for protection in times of great need.


From the hot magma of their volcanic landscape, the Keozans craft awe-inspiring weaponry. Their crystal’s fiery, malediction-based magic grants them the power of flame and fire in battle.


Skilled in divination and all things occult, the Myrtunan crystal’s malediction-based magic allows this clan of necromancers to summon the spirits of warriors past to aid them in battle.


The Sykomanans are masters of the mind. Their crystal’s heady, malediction-based magic allows them to manipulate time and space, using the power of confusion to thwart their foes.


The tundra-dwelling Tandarans are skilled hunters and fishers. They summon their crystal’s eminence-based magic to manipulate weather, freezing any enemy or foe who dares to approach.


The pure-hearted Lyuminans seek the energy of light. They use their crystal’s eminence-based magic to gather the energy of the sun and stars, harnessing its power to stun all who dare to oppose.

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