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In Kristala, play as a feline warrior called an Anagativa. Once just cats, the Ana evolved into sapient creatures when magic came to Ailur. There are Six Clans of Anagativa to play as in the game, and each one includes a comprehensive Spell Tree that will be leveled during gameplay. 



Masters of Ailur's eminence-based nature magic, the Nisargans are a peaceful and kind clan. They live in the Jhacanda forests of the West.



The Keoza clan's malediction-based Fire magic has helped this island-dwelling clan become known for their gifted Blacksmiths.



As Ailur's necromancers, the Myrtunans wield a malediction-based Spirit magic and live beneath the Ashagati Mountain range.



Highly skilled in wielding an ancient, eminence-based Light magic, the Lyuminans live on giant, floating islands in the sky.



The Tandarans are highly skilled in an eminence-based Ice magic that's fitting for their snow-covered tundra home.



The Sykomana clan's malediction-based Psychic magic is both feared and revered. This clan somehow thrives on Ailur's harsh deserts.

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There are several key characters you will meet along your journey, there to guide when you need it most.

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Ailur’s rodent species is known as the Kotakaya. But unlike the Anagativa, the Kota are forbidden from accessing Ailur’s ancient magic. Forced to advance in other ways, the Kota became incredibly adept at science & technology. Following a devastating war, many Kota fled to the shadows... quietly licking their wounds while awaiting a new revolution to begin.

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