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The Kristala Dev Blog - Issue #4

Have no fear—Issue #4 of the (ridiculously awesome and addictive) Kristala dev blog is here!

We’re so happy to have you back for another raucous round of riveting game dev updates.

As a returning reader, we know you're familiar with Kristala already, but for any newbies in the house, you can head on over to our first dev blog for a run-down of all the important must-knows about the game.

Now that we've tackled the pleasantries and hellos, let’s dig into this week’s dev work.

As is customary ‘round these parts, we invite you to get engaged and get active in the Kristala community. There’re a few ways you can do that (we've listed some options at the end of this post), but the easiest, most direct way is to simply register for a site account and drop us a comment on the post.

Right then. Onward, valiant warriors!



Our coding connoisseur and programming pro, Will, has been hard at work on Kristala's ever-important stat system. He’s already implemented a few stats into our build and continues to tinker with how they’ll affect the playable characters in-game.

Additionally, Will has started crafting our leveling system to ensure the game's overall progression flows nice and smoothly.

Surprisingly, though he’s recently been utterly swamped by stats—yes, that's a level pun we totally intended—Will found time this week to also introduce a few damage types to the game. That means you may want to think twice before you decide to take a thunderbolt to the muzzle just for fun. We see you, destruction gluttons...


Story Design

Justin, our wizard of a wordsmith and storywriter extraordinaire (no, that's not an official title, but hey…if the shoe fits, right?), continues to work on concocting more juicy stories and delectable plotlines to keep you satiated with Kristala lore. He's also added some tasty tidbits to the next level on our plate: an abandoned, ancient cathedral we've dubbed the Nasahara Ruins.

You can get a taste of Justin’s mad skillz by checking out the first installment of our story-driven newsletter series—The Sagas of Kristala—to discover how The Shattering brought magic and meaning to the creatures of Ailur.

While you're at it, be sure to also register for our mailing list so you don’t miss out on future newsletter editions. Cued up for our next installment is an in-depth look at how the six Anagativa clans of Kristala were formed.


3D Design

Kieran continues to hone and perfect his modeling skills by finessing the implementation and appearance of our beloved Anagativa's eyes. By expanding the eye graphs in Substance Designer and verifying their final look in UE4, he brings a much more realistic look and feel to our protagonists’ peepers.

Additionally, Kieran has created a 4K-resolution base skin texture to ensure an authentic look for our catlike characters. He's crafted a custom ragdoll and cloth simulation too. Impressive!

Our environmental modeler, Cass, stays killin’ the asset-creation game. This week, he was tasked with creating a couple wagons for use throughout our levels, including transportation means for village vendors and vehicles for cartin' goods across faraway, fantasy lands.

Cass’s uncanny knack for creating custom, realistic pieces of art certainly adds to the overall believability of the game world, bringing its bustling streets and vast cityscapes to life.

Last but certainly not least for this week’s modeling updates are Nick’s additions. Through impressive patience and adept skill, he brings the awe-inspiring beauty and accuracy of concept artist l_aciel’s weaponry to life!

Ayrag’s Voltaic Guillotine—the steampunk-inspired killing machine wielded by Ayrag the Executioner—sparks and shines thanks to Nick’s careful craftsmanship. Let’s just say we hope you don’t have a weak stomach, because we can promise you a gory show if you get slashed with this beast. Be careful—even these photos are sharp.


Level Design

We hope you don't mind keepin' things swampy, because Joe’s been putting our Dalamese’ level together bog by bog. Most recently, he’s applied his keen eye for detail to the area’s graveyard, building out an even more sinister atmosphere for an already alarming area.

Tombstones rise up through a murky, mist-like fog and ancient trees loom overhead like gnarled, spindly giants. Just wait ‘til you see what else we have in store for this eerie, evolving environment…

Tiffany continues to slay at synthesizing the sinister and ensuring the world of Ailur carries with it an ever-present air of desertion. Cobwebs weave, fog stretches, and the world grows a little grimmer each time she adds to the game’s build.

Tiff’s also added some beautiful effects to both the soil and the heavens, creating a glorious skyline that watches over the lush land below. We figured it might be nice to add in a bit of beauty amongst the ominous and monstrous.



The first trailer for Kristala is so close we can taste it! This week, Allie brought our new and improved character model into the project. We’re keeping her under lock and key for now (the character, that is...not Allie), but we guarantee you’ll definitely be able to notice the difference in quality when you see her!



Menu / UI Design

They say the devil’s in the details, but frankly—all we see is beauty in these menu mockups Bianca’s been creating. Check out her work on these stunning Character- and Item-Stat menu snapshots. We’re a huge fan of Bianca’s clean and elegant designs, which will ultimately make it much easier for you to decipher important stat information while playing.

Such beauty. Much excite.


Well, folks…another jam-packed edition of the Kristala dev blog is officially in the books. Let us know your thoughts on this week’s Issue by leaving a comment or starting a conversation via one of our additional content platforms below. We're always interested in your feedback.

If you haven’t already, be sure to also join our Discord community for a chance to snag an official Kristala poster—fo’ FREE!

As always, we thank you for reading and lending us your support. We’ll see you next week.

-The ACS Games Dev Team


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