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The Kristala Dev Blog - Issue #5

Welcome back, warriors, weirdos and wonderful wanderers! You’re currently tuned in to the fifth installment of the Kristala dev blog. We’re glad you’re here.

We have lots of really exciting development updates comin’ your way in the next couple weeks as we continue the countdown to our demo release! Awww yeahhh!

If you’re new here, you can get caught up on all things Kristala by checking out our Projects page. If you’re a decorated veteran, thanks for coming back!

As you know, Kristala isn’t just our first title; it’s a passion project that’s been in the works for nearly two years now, and we’re so incredibly pumped to share it with you. As you read through today’s post, we invite you to get engaged and share your thoughts with us.

After all, we care about your opinions and suggestions, and we want this to be a project you’re passionate about too.

So get comfy, grab a snack (or two), and lets dig in to this week’s tasty dev updates.



Kristala has really started to level up thanks to Will’s continued work. Our leveling systems have begun to take shape with the implementation of Will’s recent programming updates.

Along with the ability to raise your player’s health, you’ll now be able to raise your stats, increase your vitality, and buff up your stamina too!

Trust us…you’re gonna be personally thanking Will for these additions once you get up close and personal with some of the horrors that lurk in the Dalamase.


Story Design

Justin is still working on bringing that Nasahara ruins to life with his lore-laden ideas. He’s specifically honing his focus in the level on an area we’ve dubbed the “Hermit on the Hills.”

As Justin digs deeper into Nasahara, we’ll continue to tease some interesting tidbits that help further shape the fantasy world of Ailur.

For now, here’s a look at some inspiration we’re using for the backwoods hermit hut.


Character Modeling

Kieran has been hard at work finalizing the Nisargan characters’ base clothing ensemble, leaving the player with a snazzy new set of sweet threads!

Kieran now turns his attention to modifying our swamp armor set and updating our original design to give it a little more oomph.

Similarly, our second asset modeler, Nick, has been no slacker when it comes to fashion either. He’s working on polishing our hooded knight armor set, so expect to see some updates on that very soon.


Environmental Modeling

Judging by his latest designs, it’s clear that Cass is a ramblin’ man at heart. He’s been busy putting together the wagons we showed you last week to fill the roads and villages of Ailur with life.

Check out the final, textured versions of the wagons, and stay tuned for some new weapon models comin’ your way from Casa de Cass soon.


Level Design

Careful, detailed level design continues to bring Kristala to life. Tiffany has been strategically placing a book here and a table there to accent the interior of our swamp houses.

As far as flora and fauna go, Tiff’s been placing mushrooms and other foliage, along with a calm, placid lake in our demo level. Judging by these screenshots, you can see just how eerily beautiful the world of Ailur truly is.



Allie’s been avidly attacking animations this week. Our old base attack has been discarded in favor of this updated, cleaner cut.

Get ready for more upcoming adjustments to our character animations as we shape and sharpen the strikes you’ll ultimately unleash in-game on your foes.


Menu / UI Design

We wowed you last week with some weapon, magic, and character leveling menus...and this week we’re showing off another one!

Our Kristal checkpoints serve a much greater purpose than simply saving your game progress. These warping waypoints allow the world of Ailur to open up before you.

Any prior checkpoint you’ve reached is yours to return to as you play, making traveling to the places you've already visited a breeze.

…The hard part is reaching one first!


Welp, another dev blog in the books. What did you think of this week's content? Be sure to let us know by registering for a site account and leaving us a comment or two below.

For those of you who are more lurky and looky-don't-touchy (hey, we get it...we're a bunch of introverts here too!), be sure to hit up our socials, give us a follow, and stay connected to the whimsical world of Kristala.

As always, thanks for tuning in. We'll catch you next time.


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