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The Kristala Dev Blog - Issue #6

Welcome back, loyal friends and Kristala fans! You've found yourself smack-dab in the middle of another round of development updates from the team here at ACS Games. Thanks for coming back. We appreciate you.

We know this time of the year is super busy for most folks, so we'll just hop right into it this week. As always, be sure to leave us your thoughts and comments regarding this week's updates. Your opinion matters.

Okay, here we go!



What’s going on in Will’s world? Wonder not, friends. Not only has he expanded the upgrade functionality for both stamina and magic types, he’s also implemented multiple resistance types for gameplay.

Fire and shock have now joined toxicity, promising both players and enemies alike panic-inducing perils.

But worry not…with so much danger on the horizon, Will made sure to also factor some brawn and finesse stats into any damage dealt. Equip a weapon, steel yourself, and let your abilities shine as you battle the darkness ahead.


Character Modeling

Despite the mayhem of the holiday season, Kieran has been putting his all into our coveted Swamp Armor set. It’s now been sculpted, retopologized, and textured—fully finessed to make its in-game debut in our upcoming demo.

Expect to see more mouth-watering creations coming from our wonder down under in our next dev blog!

Shifting over to Nick’s neck of the woods, we’re happy to report he’s also been hard at work on Kristala’s defenses. He’s given the Hooded Armor set a new lease on life; the metal’s starting to shine and the cloth isn’t far off from completion.

…What can we say? We like a little style with our safety. 😉


Environmental Modeling

Our Nasahara level is well under way, thanks to Cass. The cathedral ruins are really starting to come alive, helping illustrate the dark fate that may await you in this scorched city.

Where once there was life, now all that remain are slumped steeples and spires—scorched ruins that lie in wait for players to ruin.

…See what we did there?


Level Design

Tiffany continues to fill Dalamase with dread! Our boggy swamp now has even more darkness and dread, giving a sinister nod to some of the dangers that silently lurk within.

Up next for Tiff is to detail a new land that lies below as she shifts gears to the Nasonder—an underground level that invites you to adventure below the surface of Ailur.

Journeyers beware…for those who dare to enter the Nasonder don’t always come back out.

Joe is a true dynamo for our team, relentlessly painting the Dalamase into the creeping horror you'll get to experience first-hand in our demo. He’s detailed out two of the sprawling swamp’s sub-levels and recently added even more fright to this murkiest of blights.

As the swamp nears completion, we’re excited (though admittedly a bit scared too) to see what Joe’s talents will turn out next.



All of Allie’s efforts have finally come to fruition. Long hours, painstaking animations, and countless edits and careful revisions have all culminated in the release of The first official teaser trailer for Kristala!

The piece takes a cinematic peek into some of the enemies and weapons you’ll experience in-game, as well as the types of combat situations you can expect to encounter too.

Take a look to see just how equally eerie and enchanting the world of Ailur can be.


Menu / UI Design

Well, the last of our menu screens has now been completed thanks to Bianca’s beautiful graphic-design skills. Her final conquest (on this front, at least!) was the key-binding menu, which allows you to see which controller button does what in-game.

Bianca now shifts her focus from menus to models as she whips up some fear-inducing spiders to add to our list of fierce fiends.



If you didn’t know, our goal here at ACS Games is to present Kristala as an immersive experience that you can be a part of—not only by having you play the game itself, but by incorporating your feedback and ideas into our development process too.

...After all, Kristala is a game we're designing with you in mind.

One of the ways we foster that kind of a connection is by translating our website and studio content like newsletters and announcements into languages beyond our native tongue.

Thanks to the efforts of our translation extraordinaire, Bode, a Spanish version of our website will be available to you super soon.


Thanks for stopping by for another riveting round of development updates from ACS Games. Your support means the world to us.

If you aren't already, be sure to register for a site account and drop by our socials to follow our dev journey and send us a little lovin'.


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