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When the six shards of the shattered Sacred Kristal finally settled, Ailur was at peace. The Kristals shined with bountiful radiance, and the Anagativa knew not want. With bellies full and pursuits successful, nothing lay beyond their grasp.

In truth, everything was perfect…yet after a time, discontentment grew.

“Before the Shattering, we were hunters of rats, stalkers of doves, adversaries of whiptails and skinks,” exclaimed the Anagativa, “but now we are nothing—content to laze in the sun all day, slowly growing fat and useless. Though fine for common cats, we are cats-no-longer. As the uplifted Anagativa of thought and passion and dream, we crave purpose.”

The Kristals grew troubled at these words, for it was true…in their love for the Anagativa, they had unknowingly coddled the creatures, preventing them from further growth.

“We will grant you purpose,” the Kristals answered, “but in turn, we must also grant you suffering, for one cannot know true purpose without also knowing the sting of disappointment, the woe of want, the heavy weight of heartache. Do you understand?”

The Anagativa did not hesitate in their response.

“We understand the price that must be paid, and ask of you again: grant us purpose.”

At this, the Kristals fell silent with neither a stir nor sparkle to illumine the Anagativans that had gathered there at that most sacred of places. In the silence that followed, a low rumble of confusion slowly rippled through the crowd. What now?

Finally, after several long moments, a lone Anagativa approached the Kristals, her stark green eyes glinting and brown, furred brows creased in determination.

“What shall be our purpose?” she asked as she gestured to the rest of the tabby-furred Anagativans huddled behind her.


Suddenly, the Kristals erupted in true brilliance, all six speaking in a resounding, unified voice both booming and grand:


“Brave Nisargans, you shall serve as caretakers of this world. By your hand, trees will rise; by your will, hatred will fall. Through your love of other creatures, both flower and beast, Ailur shall never cease to flourish. Now hurry, for already the world begins to wilt.”


And it was true, for the lush green of growth had already begun to bruise brown. In haste, the Nisargans rushed to the forest to revitalize the land.

Understanding now what must be done, a second Anagativa approached the Kristals, his fiery, spotted fur seemingly ablaze amidst their warm glow.


“What of our purpose?” he asked, glancing back at the other spotted felines who had joined ranks behind him.


“Powerful Keozans, you shall flourish greatly in times of war. Raw iron shall henceforth become your apostle, and from it you shall forge mighty weapons that beckon broken hearts and lavish in lament and loss. Conflict shall be your calling. Now do not dally, for already the world goes mad.”


And it was true, for the contempt-filled Kotakayans had already begun to march. Jaws clenched, the Keozans rushed to Ailur’s volcanic, molten lands to forge their awe-inspiring weapons.

“Now what of us?” asked a thin, elegant Anagativa with luminescent, silver markings. Her angelic comrades crowded in close to hear.


“Fair-haired Lyuminans, it is you who shall crave the sun and stars above all else, charting their movement in the sky and tracing the patterns of its expanse. You shall pen the poems of the heavens and sing songs rife with longing for the brilliance of the moon’s light. Now go, for already the world’s light wans.”


And it was true, for the sky had already begun to lose its luster. With precision, the Lyuminans rushed to plot the stars.

“What purpose will you grant us?” asked a stocky, thick-tufted Anagativa who approached the Kristals with his fellow, long-furred beasts.


“Willful Tandarans, it is you who shall track the great storms of Ailur and weather their coming. You shall become masters of the ice and snow and all the rage the storm brings. The power of the natural elements shall be yours to command at will. Be off, for already the world grows frigid.”


And it was true, for the west winds had already begun to howl. With determination, the Tandarans rushed to prepare for the coming storm.

“What say you of our purpose?” asked a hairless Anagativa as he gestured to the Sphynx-like souls at his flanks.


“Cunning Sykomanans, you shall exist unshackled by the constraints of space and time, serving as the gatekeepers to the metaphysical mind. Objects shall move at your command as you master the secrets of psychic pursuit. Go now, for already true understanding of the world lies beyond grasp.”


And it was true, for confusion had long clouded the most mysterious matters of the mind. Intrigued, the Sykomanans rushed to perfect their new powers.

Finally, the last group of nameless Anagativans approached the Kristals. A wise, raven-furred representative stepped forward, her purple eyes glowing like two midnight orbs in the waning, velvet twilight.


“What purpose of ours awaits?” she softly asked the Kristals.


“All-knowing Myrtunans, you shall seek out the secrets of the spirit world and uncover the mysteries of the afterlife—seeing beyond what can only be seen with two eyes. It is you who shall discover that death be not an end, but a door. Now go, for already the world mourns.”


And it was true, for too many lives had already been claimed, leaving loved ones lost to the dark shadow of grief. The Myrtunans rushed to heal the hearts that had already begun to break.

And so it was that on that day, the six great clans of Ailur were formed—Nisarga, Keoza, Lyumina, Tandara, Sykomana, and Myrtuna—all destined to fulfill their chosen purpose forevermore.

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