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This is my report for the 72nd day of the Fifth Cycle, Decade of Ascension. As always, I am joined here by my faithful assistant, Mhurta, who will be transcribing today’s report—if he can manage to pry his head out of the region of his posterior!


No, Mhurta…don’t write that, you fool!


We shall begin today’s work by detailing experiment #296-8, or—what I have ever so playfully begun to call it—Insomnia.


Insomnia participants thus far show no signs of fatigue, despite the passage of several long days, the absence of significant sustenance, and the implementation of consistent, strenuous activity. Strangely, it would also appear that the current salts dosage resists any attempts at metabolic breakdown in the subjects’ bodies…in effect allowing a single dosage to persist over the length of an entire week.


Though odd, the effects have the potential to prove most useful during battle, particularly when sending semi-autonomous combatants into the field as the subjects shan’t require the typical supply line or additional applications of the serum.


Despite this potential, there are problems pertaining to both focus and survivability with the current compound. Field-stripping exercises have proven less than successful, with certain parts jammed into unintended crevices. The ability to follow given orders has similarly been affected, as Insomnia subjects seem to forget simple assignments within the span of hours.


Nevertheless, it is my humble opinion that these particular combatants should therefore be equipped with simple weapons and then dropped into whatever scenario is required, sans instructions. Given their proclivity for aggression, as discussed in detail in my last report, subjects will ultimately give in to their instincts and act aggressively towards any foes encountered in the field.


Of course, that’s only if we can somehow mitigate the overarching issues with survivability…isn’t that right, Mhurta?




Additionally, heart failure has been recorded amongst many Insomnia participants, with some rare cases resulting in actual combustion of the vital organ. This strange phenomenon can be attributed to a sustained, elevated heart rate via the salts…though the constant activity of our exercises certainly isn’t a negligible factor as well, I suppose.


Even subject #27, who engages in little to no physical exertion by his own will, has exhibited a blood pressure of… Whiskers, Mhurta! …Are we absolutely certain this information is correct? …Has exhibited a blood pressure of 180/130! Intriguing…


Let’s see here…ah, yes…the potential for suicidal ideations and, in fact, acting upon said ideations is also of sizable concern. Over a dozen participants have perished from self-inflicted wounds thus far, the figures of which will be included in this report.


It is currently hypothesized that such a reaction is due to the increase of intense mental rigors, as the salts serve as an inadequate replacement for sleep itself. With the current formulation, I cannot yet fathom a method by which to bypass the formula’s induced, psychotic stress.


Having considered all such difficulties, we must therefore be prepared to regard these particular combatants as disposable in the field—and, quite frankly, we should expect them to perish during battle. Of course, none shall die alone…not if we’ve properly done our jobs.


Sadly, experiment #024-5 does not show the same promise of success as Insomnia has. We continue to experience issues of necrosis, abscess, and tumor in participants who’ve ingested the formula and simply—oh, dear…how shall I put this, Mhurta?—simply rotting from the inside-out.


Sajinik believes this to be a result of some toxic element within the available metals in the serum’s composition, but the hypothesis hasn’t yet passed muster as we’ve experienced the same results following the application of varying alloys.


I am of the mind that the problem lies not within the metals themselves, but within the subjects’ organic vessels—which seem to detect the foreign sources as if they are unwelcome intruders. The subsequent decomposition is simply the body’s attempt to exorcise said intruders—with, obviously, rather poor results.


Admittedly, I am now stymied in my efforts to proceed. I cannot discern a way forward, though I am most certain such a way exists…it simply requires further contemplation.


There is no need to worry, however, about my commitment to the project wavering in any way; I stand firm in the belief that the marriage of Kotakayan flesh and savage machine will unleash positive results in times of war. I henceforth vow to continue in my experimentation until success is found, no matter the cost.




What else, Mhurta?…


Ah, yes…#357-2 is perhaps our most promising experiment to date…due in no small part, of course, to King Edam’s valuable wisdom and input. Upon briefing him on the details of the project, His Majesty not only suggested—but in fact insisted—on incorporating the use of fetal tissue into our regular experimentation.


While initially hesitant due to our traditional mores and His Majesty’s own status as a scientific layman, my colleagues were ultimately surprised at the resulting effect. The synthesis of such tender flesh was so seamless, so simple…and this without the need of a stitch or a scalpel!


Currently, we have successfully combined the flesh of five infants, joined neatly at tail’s end to form one wriggling, writhing beast. Some may feel we’ve already gone too far, but in truth…five is but a meager figure…one soon to increase with the procurement of an additional 30 embryos. 


…Of course, the battlefield applications of such a procedure will undoubtedly be endless, but my goodness—the evolutionary implications are greater still! What I hold here in this lab may well serve as the very basis for the progression of Kotakayan kind…the next crucial step in our journey towards freedom and knowledge.


What we’re creating here is a being bound not by singularity, but by infinity—a collective consciousness that exists beyond the ken of any yet to exist on Ailur. We are certain to be poised for greatness, thanks to our little rat king.




Yes, the excitement and anticipation are palpable, but even still…it’s a wonder how well the experimentation has worked. Perhaps King Edam knows something we do not…and perhaps he’s madder than a bucket of squirrels. Time shall tell.


Whatever the case, we will continue on in the name of our great Kotakayan kingdom, and I shall continue to report on all fronts.


Right. Let’s go ahead and finish it with “Sincerely Yours” or “Faithfully” or whatever you see fit, then be sure to sign my name before applying the seal.


Oh, and Mhurta? Make sure you strike that bit about “squirrels” from the record before sending this to post.


…No sense committing myself to treason after I’ve already committed so many scientific illegalities too.

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